What is UR FinTech?

UR FinTech is a recently launched club at the University of Richmond that aims to deliver value to its members and its following of forward-thinking individuals with an interest in the FinTech space.

Why did UR FinTech Launch?

We saw that while there are many students at the University of Richmond with an interest in FinTech, there are very few resources available to drive that interest outside of the classroom. UR FinTech exists to bridge that gap and offer students first-hand exposure to the alternative career paths that they did not know existed. For students who pursue more traditional careers in Finance, they can benefit from an understanding of how FinTech is shaping their respective fields and how to adapt to those changes upon entering the workforce.

Why Online?

Rather than limit our reach to UR’s campus, UR FinTech will maintain an online presence and deliver value to a broader audience. We will do so in three ways:

  1. Post monthly updates on FinTech developments and club announcements
  2. Publish research articles on significant topics and explore their impact on the Finance industry
  3. Periodically host important figures in FinTech on podcasts to discuss their experiences and insights working in the space

For 140 characters of FinTech news, be sure to follow @URFinTech !

Why Join UR FinTech?

By joining UR FinTech, students at the University of Richmond will contribute to maintaining the club’s online presence. As a result, students are able to decide what topics interest them and what topics they want to explore in greater depth. When pursuing internships and a post-graduate position, members will have a portfolio of content which they can leverage – a far greater tool than three bullet points on a resume. Moreover, members will help establish UR FinTech as a valuable resource for future Spiders as the FinTech space continues to grow in magnitude and complexity.

Posted by:Benjamin Smith